Southern Girl in an Urban World

So yesterday was Easter and being from Texas I love to BBQ, but unfortunately the move to LA makes it hard to BBQ. My landlords haven’t been too keen on BBQing at the apartments and I don’t really have the space to have a grill, but I really wanted to BBQ for Easter so being the DIYer that I am I decided to make a make-shift grill. It was super easy, cheap and the meat came out yummy! All you need is the large roasting pan the ones you use for Turkey and I happened to have a grill rack but you can get a wire mesh at a local hardware store and place it on top of the roasting pan. Place the charcoal and lighter fluid in and start your grill! Make sure you put the roasting pan on a heat-safe surface. Happy BBQing =)




Recycled Trader Joe Bags

So I was cleaning out my cupboard and I saw tons of paper Trader Joe bags and I thought I really need to reuse these into something fun. I love hair accessories, the bigger the better I am from Texas of course. Anyways I wondered if I could make hair accessories out of paper and guess what you can! They came out totally cute and best of all we are recycling!!!! What you need: Paper Bags/Newspaper scissors, hot glue, buttons, hair clips

1. Trace your flower on paper, 8 should be enough unless using newspaper then you’d want about 12 since it’s thinner. 

2. Fold them into 1/4

3. Cut a circle and place a drop of glue in the middle place the bottom of the flower in the circle, do 4 to complete a circle and repeat second layer.

4. Cut a circle of felt and glue to back.

5. Secure your hair clip with glue to felt, I prefer using E-6000 glue for the hair clip it holds well. 

6. Glue a button or stone of preference to center of flower and you’re done!ImageImage

Recycled Pallets

I’m all about recycling and being green, so I decided to use recycled pallets for my headboard. I got two old pallets from a warehouse that was going to throw them away. I cut out the middle part of the pallet with a jigsaw it was super easy I sanded them down added a little varnish because I wanted to give them a grey hue. The bottom pallet is held up by the bed and the top pallet is bolted into the wall. I added the pics in the middle and got some lights from Target to string along the top. Its great because the pallets have built in cubbies I put my journal and laptop table inside and you can’t even tell! Every

time someone walks into my room they are wowed by an unconventional use for pallets. It’s super easy & cheap just watch out for splinters!Image

Disasters of a Crafty Panda

So I started on a project the other day I was redoing these two nightstands I found on the street I like to do that well unfortunately these free nightstands ended up costing me a lot more. I live in an apartment so I can’t do any of my projects outside so I laid out recycled trader joe bags on the carpet and started on my project. It didn’t take very long and the nightstand came out beautifully, but in my excitement I forgot to put the varnish up and left it on the floor next to the nightstand. At some point the varnish was knocked over it had it’s lid but it wasn’t closed 100% so it leaked onto the carpet for days until i noticed it was tipped over I picked up the Trader Joe bags and there was a huge stain on my beige carpet =(. I frantically called the carpet cleaners and googled what to use. To my surprise they recommended WD40 and believe it or not it worked it didn’t remove the stain 100% because basically it was a whole liter of varnish on the carpet but it did a good job. I am still trying to scrub it out, but if you had a smaller stain it would completely remove it. Carpet Cleaners could not remove the stain and I still had to pay =(. On top of that the landlord came in that day and lectured my like he was my dad! RELAX GRANDPA, that’s what the deposit is for. I didn’t kill anybody and the apartment is still in tact!

So tips to avoid a disaster:

1. don’t lay down paper or newspaper when painting because it will soak thru! Use plastic or even if you have an old rug you don’t mind using for your painting projects.

2. WD40 will remove oil based stains

I have uploaded pics of the nightstands and disaster they caused.


Before                                                               After WD40


Nightstands that caused a disaster